The NorCal Referee Academy Program is an extension of the CNRA State Referee Assessment Program. Our focus is working with entry-level referees, who are passionate and want to realize their true potential

For many years, I was just like you, working league games and tournaments every Saturday and Sunday, in the trenches – for FREE! During my Wild Things State Cup matches, I observed so many average referees. I would think to myself , “Why hasn’t anyone asked me to referee State Cup?” I could run circles around these guys, and certainly call a better game. I think what motivated me to be a referee was because I saw so many incompetent referees, which is an injustice to the players, coaches and parents who have invested so much of their time and money. I got lucky, a guy by the name of Jack Northrup, a highly ranked referee and assessor, discovered me, contacted me, and provided me with direction and guidance. Had it not been for him, and several other amazing mentors along the way, I probably would have quit in 1998.

I prefer to refer to myself as a Referee Coach, in contrast to a Referee Assessor. I coach with heart and with backbone; heart, because I can empathize with you because we are a lot alike. Backbone, which means I will provide constructive feedback, and if you take it to heart, and work hard, we will have a meaningful relationship.

Sports Resume:

1989 – 1991: Coach, Girl’s Softball Junior Division, JOBL

1989 – 1991: Umpire, Girls Softball, JOBL

1989: AYSO Referee, MDSA, Region 223

1989 – 1993: Coach, U8/U10/U12 AYSO MDSA

1990 – 1991: Coach, Women Softball, Division B/C, Concord Adult League

1991: Coach, Girls Softball Senior Division, JOBL

1992 – 1993: Coach, Major Girl Softball Division, CVLL

1994 – 1996: Coach, Major Girl Softball Division, ASA

1994 – 1996: Coach, U11/U12 Class 1, Girls Soccer, DVSC CYSA

1994 – 2003: USSF Soccer Referee, Grade 8

2002 – 2006: USSF Referee Assignor, Neutral Referee Program, GSSL

2003 – 2006: USSF State Referee, Grade 6

2003 – 2016: USSF Referee Instructor

2003 – 2006: USSF Referee Assessor

2007 – Current: USSF State Emeritus Referee

2014 – 2016: USSF State Referee Assessor


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