FIFA Referee Mark Geiger definitely had his hands full in his Panama v. Mexico Gold Cup semi-final match. I think it’s safe to say that Mark won’t be getting any assignments in Panama for the rest of his career. In my opinion, the Red Card against Panama was very harsh at this level of play. With 10 players, Panama continued to outplay Mexico, scoring early on a corner kick. But then came the moment of truth, “handball” and goal scoring PK against Panama. Very few replays show the angle Mark had, which proves that Mark made the right call. Dr. Joe and NBC Sports had a different angle, giving Mark an failing grade on his match assessment . We’ve all had our fair share of games where we’ve lost control. I’m sure Mark will be asking himself and his peers for years to come, “What went wrong?” “What could I have possibly done differently?” “How did I lose control of the match?” I think if he could do it over again, he would not have given the Red Card. Instead, a Yellow Card and a firm warning with a lot of body language. And while you’re at it, how about a Yellow Card for the Mexican player embellishing the slap to the face. The Panama players, coaches and fan imploded because the Red Card and PK created the perception that the Referee was out to get them. If you haven’t been there, one day you will be, and hopefully you’re in a stadium with fences and security.

Panama v. Mexico

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