Congratulations! You’ve taken the Grade 8 Referee clinic, with a passing score of 80% or higher.  You wear a badge that says you understand the Laws of the Game. You purchased a yellow referee jersey, referee shorts, socks, a whistle, a set of flags, and accessories.

So off you go, U10 boys, no problem. U19 Girls, no problem. No problem, because your badge of honor says you are a professional. Ah, but there is a problem, the class PowerPoint slides taught you the science of the refereeing, but not the art of refereeing. You can explain the ten (10) Direct Free Kick fouls, and the eight (8) Indirect Free Kick fouls, which is the science; but will you be able to recognize those fouls, which is the art, during your match?

Will you be able to recognize Misconduct when it occurs during your match? Referees who understand the art of refereeing can literally smell the game, and smell the temperature of play in order to keep their match from getting out of control.  Players, Parents, and Coaches have invested a tremendous amount of time and $$$, every match is important to them, are you able to give them the game they deserve?  

The challenge is that during league games and tournaments, you and your referee colleagues are in the trenches trying to survive 2, 3 or even 4 matches a day. When was the last time you received positive and constructive feedback from a qualified referee assessor? The answer is either a) Never, or b) once in the last 5 years, or c) what’s an assessor? Oh, you may be getting feedback once in awhile from on of your senior league referee. Unfortunately, that referee is not a qualified assessor. If you don’t believe me, the next time someone tells you how to improve your game, ask him if he’s a Referee Assessor.

This is a recipe for disaster. It’s like taking driving lessons from someone who doesn’t know how to drive!


The solution is very simple.

The NorCal Referee Academy is a group of qualified Referee Coaches who prepare you for your match, observe you during your match,  and provide you feedback after your match. Our program is focused on our philosophy of incremental improvement, because understanding the Art of Refereeing takes time and experience. It is risk free because everything is confidential. You will see and smell the game differently, and best of all, take great pride in knowing that you gave it your best!

You are not alone, contact us today to learn more about our proven formula for success.

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