No referee has ever called a perfect match, they make mistakes and hopefully learn from their mistakes. Coaches, parents, and players also do and say things they wish they could take back. We’re not just about Referees, we’ve also been Coaches and Parents, on the same side of your fence.

We are here to increase your soccer IQ, call us today!

We are available to work directly with your parents and players to address whatever is on your mind. It could as simple as doing a Law 11 Offside refresh, to helping the players eliminate silly Yellow Cards, such as dissent, and developing leadership skills by working effectively with referees.  The reality is that your referees will see the same teams many times over the course of the season, and vice-versa.  Our program is designed to get everyone on the same page.  Let’s stop placing blame and pointing fingers, Referees, Players, Coaches and Parents require assessment and observation.  NorCal Referee Academy is focused on the Big Picture, we diagnose the problem, and provide objective feedback, for the good of your league and the game.

The NorCal Referee Academy works directly with team players and parents to educate them on the Laws of the Game, and the “Mind of the Referee.” Players and parents can be very frustrated when calls just don’t seem fair or justified. Here are the common comments directed (myself included when I coached my daughters) at referees during matches:

“Call it both ways Ref!”

“Somebody’s going to get hurt out there!”

“Hey Ref!”

“How can that be offsides?”

“That’s a Yellow Card!”

“But you didn’t give him a warning!”

“You’re just horrible!”


“Good call Ref” (Translation: “You finally got it right!”)

I’m sure you have your our classic favorites, we would love to hear from you to discuss!

My Dad used to say “Everyone complains about the weather, but nobody ever does anything about it!” Now substitute “weather” for “referees.”

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